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Wildlife Rehabilitation

Did you know? 

We are licensed by the state of Washington to accept injured wildlife, however during the wildlife season please be aware of the following:       

Call our office (360-458-7707) before touching or moving any animal.           

  • For baby birds: If you are able to locate the nest you may return them, they can fall often while learning to fly.  
  • For baby raccoons: Mother may come and go throughout the day, please do not disturb or move. If you know for certain the mother has been killed you may bring them to our office.   
  • For baby bunnies: Mother may come and go throughout the day, even if the nest appears disturbed she will likely return for her babies, please do not disturb or move.   
  • For baby squirrels: They may fall from the nest, mother is able to carry her baby back up the tree to the nest, please do not disturb or move.  
  • For fawns: Mother may only visit occasionally during the day and leave her baby in a safe place while she is gone, please do not disturb or move, she will come back even after dusk. Don't be a fawn-napper!         

If an animal is obviously injured, bleeding, unable to move, broken bones, you may bring them to our office. If you have an animal in your care it is important not to feed, if done incorrectly or with inappropriate food this can be harmful. We are unable to come and pick up wildlife, you must bring them to us yourself, only if this is possible without further injury to the animal or yourself. It is illegal in our state for an individual to retain a wild animal, it must be turned over to a licensed facility or released back into the wild in what ever state it may be in.

Remember, these animals stand a far better chance at survival in the wild than with any rehab!

Wild life

Below is an example of our Wildlife Admission Form (& some photos of our successful rehabilitation's!)